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What is the installation process?

  1. Remove existing concrete or other obstacles in the work area.

  2. Lay out the edges of the hardscape with marker paint and set string lines for finish elevations.

  3. Excavate anywhere from 6” to 11” down from finish elevation string lines. Depth depends on the desired amount of base material and thickness of the chosen paver.

  4. If underlayment is required, it will be installed next.

  5. Install and compact Crush & Run base material. A patio has 4” to 6” of base material whereas a driveway would have between 8” to 11” of base material. Compaction will be done in lifts as appropriate to the size of our vibratory plate tamp or roller.

  6. We screed ¾” of Granite Sand or M-10 bedding sand on top of the compacted base.

  7. Lay the pavers while using string lines to stay square and keep our joint lines straight.

  8. Mark all of the edges and cuts to make the desired shape of the patio.

  9. Cut the pavers to fit with a concrete demo saw.

  10. Install the border pavers around the exterior.

  11. Install edge restraints.

  12. Compact pavers to seat them into the bedding sand.

  13. Sweep Granite Sand or Polymeric Sand into the paver joints and re-compact pavers. Repeat this as many times as necessary to properly fill paver joints.

  14. If Polymeric Sand is used, we start the setting process at this point.

  15. Backfill soil around the edges of the pavers.

  16. Clean up the patio and work site.

  17. Clean and Seal pavers if desired.

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