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Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Pools

RPM is a local dealer for Tallman Fiberglass Pools! 

Tallman Pools has 10+ pool shapes and sizes to choose from including hot tub options!


Start by perusing their options on:

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​Fiberglass Benefits: 

  • Compared to a custom build, a fiberglass pool will take a fraction of the time. Under the right conditions we can install your fiberglass pool in only 14 business days! (Including the pool deck and extra landscaping)

  • They require less maintenance being a non porous surface, fiberglass is not susceptible to algae.

  • They are compatible with chlorine and salt pool systems. 

  • Resurfacing will never be needed!

Custom Pools

​No matter how large your swimming pool design and installation is RPM can help! 

We find fiberglass pools to be a lower cost, lower maintenance option. Fiberglass pools allow more of the project total funds to be directed toward hardscapes, landscapes and living areas. 

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