Shown in the photo from right to left is Bob Mullinax (Owner), Lindsay Mullinax (Bob's Wife) and Corin [Koko] Mawer (Assistant and Marketing Manager)

About Us

History Road:

Bob started RPM Landscape and Pavers back when he was a bachelor in 1999. He started small, only him and his truck with a lawnmower in the back. Soon after he pursued education at Chattahoochee Technical College to further expand his knowledge in horticulture. In time he grew his maintenance business to include hardscapes and many more landscaping needs!


After 20 years in business RPM Landscape and Pavers is equipped with the knowledge needed to provide nothing short of excellent outdoor living environments. RPM treats each project as if it were our own home being renovated. RPM uses quality materials supplied by vendors that we have trusted for years. Our services are extensive making it easier to plan large jobs that would usually require more than one company. Each project is hand drawn to scale by Bob with all visions taken into consideration. It is his sole prerogative to provide you with a plan that is both appealing and functional! We hope you consider us when you are ready to start your next project!