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53 year old Tallman Pool Shell Restoration | RPM Landscape and Pavers | Marietta, GA
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RPM Landscape and Pavers has been providing quality landscape services for over 20 years!
Customer service is taken seriously to ensure you receive answers fast!
All designs are hand drawn to meet your home's specific needs.

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We offer designs at scale for every project! 

Projects can include patios, sidewalks, landscape walls, driveways, decks, pools, and landscapes.  RPM wants to know what is important to our customer.  Things like drainage concerns, play areas for children, sunlight conditions for plants, and areas to entertain.  

Concrete pavers out last the alternative! 

Pavers will bring personality to your landscape design. Even if you have an existing undesirable concrete slab, we are able to go right over top with a remodel paver! 

You have options!

Small to large retaining walls, RPM can help!  

Is it time to replace your rotten railroad or landscape timber wall?  Modular block is a forever replacement.  RPM will handle engineering, permits, drainage, along with the installation of your retaining wall.

Retaining Walls

We offer pool deck installation and replacement.

Concrete pavers are the best option around swimming pools. They can be lifted to do repairs to pipes, ground wires, and skimmer boxes.

Local dealer for Tallman Fiberglass Pools!

Unlike poured concrete pools, fiberglass pools are installed in a fraction of the time. Including all the hardscape aspects of the project!